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SELL  your property?
sell it with US

experience and competence

Sell a villa, a farmhouse, a country house
or do you sell a luxury apartment instead?
If you sell a prestigious property Ville e Dintorni it does it with you, there are few specialized agencies like us and able to follow you in every phase of the sale, guaranteeing you support from the acquisition to the conclusion with the notarial deed.
We are looking for quality properties suitable for the needs of those looking for a somewhat special home:

Prestigious villas , in unique contexts, surrounded by lush gardens.
Prestigious farmhouses with an unmistakable flavor for a life outside the city.
Country houses , dedicated to relaxation and nature in a rural setting.
Elegant period buildings with an unmistakable charm.
Classy apartments where quality and luxury are in built-up areas.
Trust us, selling prestigious properties is what we have always done
experience and competence

these are the qualities of the Ville & Dintorni agents, they know that the real estate sector is not made up only of prices but above all of relationships, for those who sell it is important.
Relationships are the basis of the entire process for the sale of prestigious properties. With our customers, confidentiality is an important value as is the ability to relate to chosen customers of any nationality.

Our professionalism is a 40 year long history
we help clients sell real estate

Real estate promotion for a national and international clientele implies specific experience and expertise that we have acquired in 40 years of experience.

For the completion of a real estate sale, an in-depth knowledge of all the legislation in its many aspects is necessary, but also a constant updating that we always take care to do.

In your interest, we will solve any problem related to the sales process with the collaboration of all the parties involved, for the preparation of valuable marketing and advertising supports, for the verification of the completeness of the documentation and compliance. We guarantee a full service.

The search for charming properties is a dream carried on for a long time and the emotional component is often decisive. For Vendors this is important, which is why our advertising strategies are targeted and we offer a wide range of services to make the process simple and stress-free.

... by your side until the notarial deed

country houses

prestigious villas

prestigious farmhouses

elegant properties

classy apartments

we are specialized in buying and selling
of prestigious properties, is our profession
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